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"It's not an easy task to make a cement patio look so amazing! Stephen put his touch on our Citytv Patio, and we LOVE it!" Kevin Forget
Producer, Breakfast Television | Toronto, Canada

"Partners Film has had a long history of incredibly successful collaboration with Production Designer Stephen Fermoyle. From the creation of large sets, to the styling of small locations, Stephen approaches every project with the will, backed up by the experience to deliver on innovative & creative design & styling, combined with effective cost efficiency . Stephen also stands out with one of the best working attitudes in his field. That coupled with his ability deliver beyond expectations, has made him an invaluable asset in advertising production at Partners." Gigi Realini
President / Executive Producer, Partners Film Inc. | Toronto, Canada

"Working with Stephen is an absolute joy. He is tenacious and works feverishly to bring a concept to life, better than first envisioned. In the over 13 years I've been working with him, I've never been disappointed in the quality of his end product." Mark Spalding
Associate Creative Director, Publicis | Toronto, Canada

"It's not just what Stephen does--though what he does is amazing. It's how he does it. So talented, thoroughly professional, utterly passionate and fun as all get-out!" Kathy Byrne
Broadcast Producer, Bensimon Byrne Advertising | Toronto, Canada

"We first Met Stephen while working in Miami on The Home Depot. He was already working on the TV portion of the project as we were contracted to shoot the stills end of things. When working in conjunction with another production it is easy to feel like a 3rd wheel. Stephen was always available to help realize our end of the project. Bringing me up to speed on information that I would had otherwise passed me by. He was always available and easy to problem solve with. As soon as we had the opportunity to hire Stephen on one of our own productions we did. From his years of experience in managing large projects with multiple sets, shots, and days, I alway feel confident that the job is getting done right. He brings his usual upbeat sense of humor, which always makes for great agency, and client relationships while on and off set. I would never hesitate to hire Stephen for any project regardless of the scale." Tom Nesbitt
Producer, Westside Studio | Toronto, Canada

"Your work inspires me. Truly .. My best guess is that you seem to have the art world by the gazing balls." Edward Murphy
Artworks Hollywood | Glendale, California

"Stephen Fermoyle is a very talented set designer. His exquisite taste level and attention to every detail gives a set a "real" home feeling. I have had the opportunity to work with Stephen on two television productions of our clients S.C. Johnson for the US & Canada.Stephen is easy to work and very collaborative. The enthusiasm he puts into a project, always had a positive effect on my client. I was excited at the opportunity to work with Stephen again and would without hesitation recommend him." Nathalynne McGinnis
VP, Sr. Producer, Draftcfb | Chicago, Illinois

"The campaign we shot for Glade Flameless Candles was a challenge from the beginning and Stephen answered the call with grace under pressure. In all he created 3 living rooms, a couple kitchens, and a bedroom that felt so comfortable and warm you'd think he lived there himself! It was great knowing that Stephen had my back, and I can't wait to work with him again." Aaron King
Creative Director, Be The Creative Source | New York City, New York

"Working with Stephen Fermoyle is a pleasure at every level. He takes his craft very seriously and has a great knack for helping director and agency alike realize the vision they sought in designing the production. He is able to present and articulate his ideas with clarity and conviction, and his grace and good humor on the set are refreshing." Michael Schenk
Head of Production, SCG Kino | Los Angeles, California

"Stephen Fermoyle has been designing and building sets with Hot Sets for many years. The Process is always a pleasure, and the end results always exceed everyone's expectations. Stephen's impressive renders and construction knowledge are blended with his wonderful wit and charm. We have built a wide variety of Sets for Stephen, often under tight deadlines and with the usual budget restrictions. Stephen always finds the way to champion all these obstacles. Truly one of my Favourite Production Designers." Mark Bamford Bryson
Owner, Hotsets Film | Toronto, Canada

"Stephen donated his time and talents to transform a concrete storage room into a 1970's den/hang-out for teenagers living with cancer." Gildas Club | Toronto, Canada

"What can I say? Stephen has the magic touch! With his magic wand, he has transformed numerous properties from drab to fab in the blink of an eye. He possesses natural style and flair, plus he knows the secret of keeping it on budget and listening to his clients. I have never seen someone turn a simple 800 square foot condo into an exquisite and sensuous box of joy and emotion, like Stephen. Not to mention, that when Stephen put it up for sale, it translated into a record profit that has never been replicated in that building 4 years later. I'd call Stephen to make your living space something really special and your investment something even more special!" Audrey Azad
Re/Max Hallmark | Toronto, Canada

"Stephen Fermoyle is a creative problem solver with a devastating wit. He works very well within budget restrictions. One of Jorn Haagen's go to art directors!" Jennie Montford
Executive Producer/Partner, The Corner Store | Toronto, Canada

"I have worked with Stephen Fermoyle for over 10 years and during this time have found his work ethic to be exceptional. Whether design/build was required for commercial or residential projects, Stephen has always provided unique solutions in often very tight time frames! Stephen has a wealth of knowledge regarding available products and finishes which gives him a solid edge. I would not hesitate to recommend Stephen for your projects." Susan Young
VP Sales and Marketing, Emagine | Toronto, Canada

"Stephen's ability to visualize exactly how a finished room will look gives the professional decorator a distinct advantage." Kimberley Seldon
President, Kimberly Seldon Productions Inc. | Toronto Canada

"Art director, designer and TV personality Stephen Fermoyle has built his career out of designing great interiors for next to no money for a client roster that ranges from TV and video set producers to Martha Stewart." Martha Uniacke Breen
Writer and Editor, Style at Home | Toronto, Canada

"Under the firm but frantic hand of host Stephen Fermoyle, Great Taste, No Money is a spontaneous, unexpected romp through design do's and design dont's. After dropping in on unsuspecting subjects, Stephen and his assistant Alfredo Rodriguez assess the situation and spring into action! Some painting, some planning and a little reorganization - the results are amazing! It's a design show that's impromptu, ambitious and it's all done with your wallet in mind." TV Guide | Canada

"I have had the great pleasure of working with Stephen Fermoyle on the TV commercial set of "The Get in Bed Event" for The Bay. Stephen worked as the Set Designer/Art Director (production side) on the project. I unreservedly recommend Stephen Fermoyle for all things design and art direction related. I would certainly use him again, and plan on doing so again at my first opportunity." Nellie Kim
Art Director, John st. Advertising | Toronto, Canada

"Stephen is one of the most talented, reliable Production Designers I've ever had the pleasure to work with, and is my number one choice when working in Canada." James Haworth
Director, The Sweet Shop | United Kingdom

"There are many production designers who can make things look great. However, there are very few who can read a situation and become your ally in the trenches. When design 'situations' arises on the set or in the pre-production meeting I make Stephen take over. Numerous times in the past eight years he has literally saved the concept with his fast thinking. Although immensely gifted artistically, Stephen realizes designing something is only half the job. Selling it and making the client happy is the ultimate challenge. And this is where Stephen Fermoyle separates himself from all the others." Kevin Donovan
Art Director, Cliff Freeman and Partners | New York City, New York