Stephen Fermoyle can make any design vision a reality. From creating designer homes at a fraction of the cost to transforming non-descript spaces into advertising client dreams, no projects are beyond his reach. Nor is he restricted like many designers to comfortable buying relations. Stephen can operate out of any city, and his multi-faceted experience in interior and production design across North America is testament to that. Experiencing success with countless projects based in LA, NY, San Francisco, Chicago, and Texas, give him a location and prepare to be blown away.

By most accounts Stephen has done it all, but don't think that will stop him anytime soon. Stephen Fermoyle's relentless passion and hands on approach tackles time-sensitive projects that other designers usually shy away from. This doesn't mean he compromises.

Stephen has worked for many notable clients such as Martha Stewart, Home Depot, Maybelline and many more!

Stephen served as host, lead designer and starring comedian for the award-winning Can West series "Great Taste, No Money". Stephen lives and breathes design - even his own home was featured on the cover of Style at Home Magazine.

A design achievement that is consistently repeated for all his clients - just give him a call at 4169198705.